Understanding the Five Reiki Principles 

Understanding the Five Reiki Principles 

Reiki is a Japanese energy-healing practice with certain reiki principles to be followed. Even the Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, a Reiki practice creator, believed these principles are key to living a happy life.  

These 5 reiki principles are relatively easy to follow as you can practice them anywhere and anytime. However, practicing reiki principles while meditating in the morning is preferable as it provides an excellent start to your day. Let’s understand these 5 reiki principles and how the practice of their transformative power can promote your balance and well-being.  

What are the 5 reiki principles? 

The 5 Reiki principles in Reiki energy-healing practice can empower your overall well-being, creating a positive balance.  

  • Just for today, do not anger 

Anger shouldn’t be considered a bad feeling; in fact, it is experienced when you feel something invading your boundaries. Besides, today’s stressful and pressurized lifestyle can also lead to various anger-causing issues.  

While experiencing anger, consider sitting down for a while and thinking about the root cause of your anger. This Reiki principle helps you foster understanding and patience, excluding angry feelings from your mind. 

  • Just for today, do not worry 

Worrying about your future life and events that haven’t occurred can hype you, restricting you from enjoying the present. This is where the ‘just for today, do not worry’ reiki principle helps you live in the present and current moment. 

Breathing and practicing this reiki principle brings together your collective consciousness, keeping your mind present in the current moment. This principle helps release thoughts of the future that cause you to worry.  

  • Just for today, be grateful 

It is expected to point out negative things and people in your life. So, being happy and grateful can significantly impact your emotions. 

Practicing this reiki principle brings positivity by expressing appreciation for everything good. The sheer happiness builds positive energy, possibly excluding negativity and empowering your well-being. 

  • Just for today, work on yourself 

Actively practicing consciousness and being mindful of your actions, thoughts, and emotions empowers your energy balance. It would help to recognize the positive changes you have been through so you can live happily in the present moment. This reiki principle encourages self-reflection, allowing you to become a better version of yourself and increasing your positivity.  

  • Just for today, be kind to others 

The constant realization of your behaviour towards everything encourages you to be thoughtful. When you offer support and compassion to others, it simultaneously increases your positive energy. It is considered an essential part of improving your spiritual health. So, being kind to others will also bring positivity to you, thus empowering your well-being. 

Effects of Practicing Reiki Principles in Daily Life 

mental health illustration

The 5 reiki principles help balance your energy for physical, mental and emotional healing. The core value of the reiki principles is to provide you with guidance. Eventually, connecting you with your reiki energy promotes your balance and well-being. Practicing these 5 reiki principles in your daily life helps you with the following: 

  1. Recognizing and releasing the feeling of anger and hatred. 
  1. Identifying your thought process to let go of your worries. 
  1. Practicing gratitude towards all living things and situations. 
  1. Be mindful and pay attention to your present and current situation. 
  1. Being kind towards others and yourself by letting go of guilt and anxiety. 

To wrap up 

The 5 reiki principles in reiki energy-healing practice work together to promote affirmations and positivity that build up your healing energy. It’s time you experience the reiki energy yourself. So, apply one principle daily in your thoughts and interactions to empower positivity. 

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