Vinyasa Yoga- Original Yoga (ENGLISH)



Explore Vinyasa Flow: where breath and movement dance. Rooted in Sanskrit, “Vinyasa” harmonizes postures with breath, crafting a dynamic, balanced sequence. Immerse in this natural flow for calm and heightened awareness.

Yoga Instructor- Tuhin Roy (English)


The origin of the term Vinyasa comes from Sanskrit and means the synchronization of movement with breathing. “Nyasa” means “to place”, “attention” and “Vi” means in this case “in a certain way”. The principle of this yoga is to place the different postures on the breath in a synchronized, harmonic, and dynamic way. The postures follow one another in a natural flow, called “Flow”, combining balance, strengthening, breathing, and letting go. There is even talk of a “state of Flow” and Flow yoga, in which movement takes precedence over thought, like a dance that would induce mental calm and awareness of the inseparable link between breath and movement. Breathing is central to practice. This class is in the English language.


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Vinyasa Yoga- Original Yoga (ENGLISH)
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