Transform Your Life through Chakra Awakening



Explore Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Bavdhan, Pune, for inner transformation through chakra awakening. Experience self-realization, reduced stress, and emotional balance.

MAIN MEDITATION CENTER at PRATISHTHAN is on every Saturday from 6:30 pm to 8.30 pm

We conduct 5 sessions for the new seekers. After completing the 5 sessions, the seeker can join the collective meditation center near his home.

Sold By: H.H.S.M.N Pratishthan Pune

Transform Your Life through Chakra Awakening: Embark on a spiritual journey with Sahaja Yoga in Bavdhan, Pune. Our meditation practice helps you focus on specific chakras, each associated with unique qualities and benefits. Discover your inner potential as you progress through the chakras: innocence, creativity, contentment, compassion, communication, forgiveness, and connection to the universe. Experience self-realization, reduced stress, emotional balance, and lasting peace.



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Transform Your Life through Chakra Awakening
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