Shwaas – Free Pranayam Program


Discover the transformative power of breath with the Shwaas Pranayam Program. Learn advanced pranayams for mind-body wellness, hormonal balance, and emotional well-being.

Program Details:
Duration: 30 minutes
Time: 11:00 AM India Time (Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays)
FREE Program

Sold By: Life Beyond The Mat

Unlock the Power of Breath for Mind-Body Wellness

Description: Join our Shwaas Free Pranayam Program to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being. Pranayama, the ancient art of breath control, offers a pathway to harmonize your body, mind, and soul. In this program, you will learn and practice advanced pranayams, breathing exercises that have been used for centuries to enhance holistic health.

Program Highlights:

  • Advanced Pranayams: Discover and master powerful breath techniques that have stood the test of time.
  • Tune Body Rhythms: Harness the potential of pranayama to align your body’s natural rhythms and enhance vitality.
  • Balance Hormones: Learn how specific breath exercises can regulate hormonal imbalances and promote hormonal harmony.
  • Sharpen Mental Abilities: Explore the cognitive benefits of pranayama, boosting mental clarity and focus.
  • Improve Emotional Well-being: Cultivate emotional resilience and well-being through mindful breathing practices.
  • Build Mindfulness and Self-awareness: Develop a deeper connection with yourself through mindfulness techniques integrated into the program.

Unlock the secrets of your breath and embark on a journey toward holistic well-being. Join Shwaas Pranayam Program today!


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Shwaas – Free Pranayam Program
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