Learn Reiki- Level 3 The final degree



Embark on an advanced Reiki Level 3 course, offering a genuine attunement by a Reiki Grandmaster. Learn the profound principles, distant healing, and transformative symbols, including Dai Ko Myo for soul-level healing. Explore Reiki practices, experience attunement via video call, and undergo a 21-day self-healing journey for mastery. Gain a certification symbolizing your enhanced healing abilities and impact.

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Learn Reiki Level 3 – This is a digital Reiki course that provides a real attunement with Reiki Grandmaster Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on the principle that our body has a subtle energy system called life force energy which needs to flow freely in and around one’s body to maintain health. The one important factor that weakens the flow of life energy is stress. Reiki heals by releasing stress and tension and creating a deep sense of relaxation that promotes health. Reiki Level 3A makes you a Reiki master and the symbol Dai Ko Myo heals at soul level.

What all will you understand through this course? – What is Distance Healing and how does it work? – Principles of Reiki – Benefits of Reiki – Recap of 7 chakras, Reiki Rediscovery, Reiki 2 symbols

– Dai Ko Myo – The master symbol – How to practice Reiki with the symbols? – Positions in our body where we can practice Reiki – Invoking Reiki with Prayer and Visualisation.

– Aura Cleansing, meditations, Psychic surgery, crystal cleansing. – Attunement – Guidance for your 21-day self-healing journey – Certificate will be issued after your attunement/21-day self-healing is completed. Receiving a reiki attunement from a Reiki Master is a spiritual experience, as your energy centres are opened by a reiki master. This energetic opening allows the reiki energy to flow freely through your body to impact your health and the health of others. Note -> Attunement Will be scheduled on a video call.


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Holistic Learning: Comprehensive coverage of Reiki principles, techniques, and applications. Practical guidance for self-healing and healing others.

Experienced Instructors: Seasoned practitioners dedicated to teaching Reiki. Expertise in energy healing methodologies.

Interactive Learning: Engaging live sessions with hands-on practice. Access to supplementary resources for immersive learning.

Learn Reiki- Level 3 The final degree
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