Free Career Empowerment & Meditation Class



In this class:

– Learn how to enjoy a long, successful career – no burn-out

– Overcome negative thoughts that keep you from realizing your full potential in career

– Take your current career to a whole new level, or reinvent your career completely

– Learn to balance power with humility… as you grow, you deepen into your own heart

– Discover a very unique style of meditation that gives power to your career for years to come

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Online Class via Zoom: A Zoom link will be sent to your inbox after signing up.

Event dates-

Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25

Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

This class is for you if:

– You want to be successful in your career, studies and/or athletics.

– You need a way out of career burn-out.

– You simply want more balance in your daily life and relationships.

– You want to feel happy a lot more often!

– You want to relish in life in all of its FULLNESS, unobscured by heavy thinking mind.

– You truly want to give to others… Being bright and balanced, especially in the most difficult situations, puts you in a unique position to be of service to others.



This class is designed for students and young professionals. All are welcome. Beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike. Religious and non-religious. People of all walks of life who want to learn to hone balance and happiness in their life, with a powerful career.



We begin with a short meditation. Then, a talk on career empowerment, followed by a slightly longer meditation. You may ask questions after class if you like.



Chitananda has worked for many years as a Software Developer, Project Manager, and CEO & Founder for both Silicon Valley startups as well as some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, California.


Chitananda is also a Career & Spirituality Coach, with a proven record of lifting his people in position, salary and state of mind.


Chitananda has also studied Buddhism, in a heart-centered tradition, for over 19 years. He has applied these ancient teachings to many arenas in life, including athletics, academics, family life, and career. As Chitananda teaches it, Buddhism is a psychology that leads the practitioner to peace, balance, happiness, and success in all of life’s pursuits.


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Free Career Empowerment & Meditation Class
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