Experience 7 Chakra Balancing-Reiki Healing Sessions


A 15-30 min consultation to understand and identify your issues. This will be followed by a 45min-1hr Reiki Distance Healing Session for 3 days to heal and balance your chakras. Benefit from a personalized consultation to identify issues followed by three days of transformative Reiki Distance Healing. Experience renewed balance and vitality within.


Sold By: Heal by Reiki

Discover harmony and inner balance through our transformative 7 Chakra Balancing and Reiki Healing sessions. Unveil the power within you as you embark on a personalized 15-30 minute consultation, meticulously designed to delve into your concerns and identify the specific issues affecting your overall well-being.

Following this insightful consultation, immerse yourself in the restorative embrace of our 45-minute to 1-hour Reiki Distance Healing Sessions, expertly crafted to span three consecutive days. Experience the profound healing energy as it flows through you, targeting and harmonizing your chakras, allowing for deep-seated blockages to dissipate and fostering a renewed sense of equilibrium and vitality.

Our skilled practitioners are dedicated to guiding you on this transformative journey, offering holistic healing techniques aimed at enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Embrace this opportunity to restore your energy flow and revitalize your life from within.


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Experience 7 Chakra Balancing-Reiki Healing Sessions
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