Comprehensive Counseling Services for Personal Growth and Well-being


Counseling Services: Explore a range of counseling services tailored to your needs. Our experienced therapists offer diverse solutions from personal coaching to child therapy. Discover clarity and growth in a safe, supportive environment.

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Counseling Services:

Our experienced counselors offer a safe space for exploration and growth, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you seek personal guidance, child therapy, or family support, our free initial 30-minute consultation sets the foundation for your journey.

Services include:

  1. Personal Counseling & Coaching: Tailored sessions to navigate life’s challenges and foster personal growth.
  2. Arts-Based Therapy & Play Therapy: Utilizing creativity and play to explore emotions and foster healing.
  3. Soul Soothers: Customized meditation and wellness programs designed for adult well-being.
  4. Drumbeat – Building Resilience: Discover resilience through the power of drumming and rhythm.
  5. Life Hacks: Programs for kids promoting personal growth and development.
  6. Creative Calm – Art & Zen for Kids: Cultivating mindfulness and expression through art for children.
  7. Art of Parenting: Coaching and supportive practice circles for parents.
  8. De-Stressing Club: Techniques and sessions dedicated to stress management and relaxation.

Our counselors are committed to helping you navigate life’s complexities, supporting you on your path to emotional well-being and personal fulfillment. Experience the transformative power of counseling; take the first step today.


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