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    Free Meditation Class Every Sunday – Meditate for Spiritual Awakening, Stress Care, Joy and Health


    Join us every Sunday this October for a rejuvenating online meditation experience! Discover the path to spiritual awakening, stress care, joy, and improved health through our “Sunday Free Guided Meditation Class.” Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, our sessions offer valuable insights and practical techniques to enhance your well-being. Register now for this transformative journey towards inner peace and balance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to nurture your mind and soul!

    Free Therapies

    Kriya Yoga (ENGLISH)


    Kriya Yoga is a powerful and transformative spiritual practice that combines breath control, meditation, and self-realization techniques. Rooted in ancient yogic traditions, Kriya Yoga aims to awaken the divine consciousness within and facilitate a deep connection with the universal life force energy. Through a systematic approach of specific techniques, practitioners embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner purification, and spiritual evolution. This class is in the English language.

    Yoga Instructor- Tuhin Roy (ENGLISH)

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